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We have the best quality tested pure essential oils with dōTERRA that creates a win win win environment with growers to oil users around the world!

When you are using dōTERRA essential oils you have the most powerful modality to support yourself and your family from supportive healthcare to cleaning your home and even to cooking your food. There are never ending ways to use essential oils because the amazing research that is occurring on essential oils in hospitals and research labs across the nation and world.

dōTERRA supports small growers around the world most have been doing this for generations but all are using cutting edge technology to get the best quality pure essential oils for us to use! We are providing schools, teachers, clean water by building wells, food, supplies and more depending on the needs of each community. Whatever they need to take care of their families dōTERRA dōTERRA gives a good wage.

Amy Bauer

Owner of Essientally Bauer

I am Amy Bauer a Gold dōTERRA leader. I started using essential oils for my health 7 years ago and have grown our team to impacting 15,000 families around the world. I had a goal to retire my husband and that came true in just 2 years. I love teaching about essential oils but connecting and growing in relationships with others is my passion! I am excited to work with you and see you achieve your goals!

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